About the New Inklings

The Eagle and Child Pub, where the Inklings often met.

Years ago, a group of English writers gathered on Tuesdays in local pubs to discuss the progress on their works in progress.  The group, which included J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, became known as the Inklings.  While many of the Inklings were theists and Christians, they did count several irreligious members in their number.  We chose to name this blog The New Inklings to reference the makeup of the original group and the nature of their gatherings–a forum to discuss ideas.

First, a little background…

The New Inklings is the continuation of an ongoing conversation between two friends about God.  One (Aaron) is a Christian.  The other (Franny B) is agnostic.  Aaron’s family and Fran’s family have become great friends since meeting during the summer of 2009.  After hanging out for several months, Franny B and her husband held a Halloween party.  A great time was had by all.  As Aaron and his wife started rounding up their kids to head home, Franny B told them, “You guys are cool.  We feel like we can discuss spirituality with you.”  Over the ensuing months, this ongoing conversation sprouted.  They decided to launch a blog to both keep the conversation going and to include others in on it.

The New Inklings is a blog about religion, or the lack there-of.  Each week, one of the Inklings will post about a particular topic from their perspective, be it Christian or Agnostic.  Later in the week, the other will post their viewpoint on the same topic.  Comments are invited and welcome, as long as those commenting adhere to the Pub Rules.  Along the way, we’ll post videos and other resource recommendations.  We’ll even poke fun at ourselves.

So pull up a stool, pour a glass, and join the conversation.  Before jumping in, please refer to the Pub Rules.