Who Are the New Inklings?

Aaron grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of VA, close to the city of Harrisonburg.  He grew up in church, became a Christian at age 18, went to Bible college, and quickly became one of those right-wing religious fanatics you have nightmares about.  He credits God working through his college girlfriend (who is now his wife) for waking him up from that religious nightmare.  Aaron graduated from Mid-Atlantic Christian University in ’99, went back to VA to start a church, and watched God change the lives of people who didn’t know Jesus.  He now lives in Greenville, NC with his wife Laura and three adorable daughters.  He has written a book, The Jumbo Shrimp Gospel, and is now a hospice chaplain.  In his spare time, Aaron enjoys great movies, good cigars, microbrewed root beer, and is currently working with Fran’s husband Ned to discover the perfect rack of ribs.  Along with The New Inklings, you can find Aaron on Twitter, Facebook, and on his personal blog, The Road Less Traveled.

If you had told Franny 10 years ago that she would A) be married B) be married to a Grateful Dead Lovin, Appalachian Trail Hiking, Cartoon Watching, Former Prep-Schooler, guy.  C) have a kid D) live in North Eastern North Carolina and  E) Have some of her best friends be *gulp* Christians.  Franny would have asked for the name of your drug dealer because that is some crack you’re smoking.  Flash forward and it would seem that I have a marital soft spot for guys who wear tie dye, have great dimples, survive strange brain cancers, and upack and repack their rucksack at least once a month “just in case”.   I have the most intense, loving, magical and whip smart kid that has given me the gift of a childhood I thought was long lost, sunshine in my darkest hours, and the never-ending drive to better myself so that she has the best shot possible in this crazy life.  I am unashamed of my musical snobbery, I am overcome by random fits of craftiness, I over-think just about everything, I enjoy late night meditative walks around a local Target or Barnes and Noble.  I have a horrible short term memory and chances are I will forget your birthday.  I am hard of hearing and wear my deafness (and hearing aids) with pride. I believe wholeheartedly that laughter is indeed the best medicine.  I have a horrible short term memory.  I am long winded.

Dave fancies himself a Jedi Master of Theology, defending the universe against the evil galactic empire of ignorance. In reality, Dave is more apt to wield a paintbrush than a light-sabre. As a minister of a small country church in rural Virginia Dave tries to love people like Jesus and live out the message of the Gospel. Dave grew up immersed in church culture, and while he understands it, he also sees how it can be disturbing and downright scary to an outsider. He loves exchanging ideas with those who hold differing worldviews and is just as comfortable with a sketchbook in his his hands as he is with a Bible. If you really want to get his attention, pour him a strong cup of coffee and ask him about his beloved New York Yankees. When he’s not preaching, painting or philosophizing, you will find Dave spending time with his wife and four daughters as they try to rule the galaxy like one happy family.

Justin was born in a small town in northeastern, NC, joined the military, fought two wars, learned to be a pretty good chef and is living proof that there are atheists in foxholes. He is married and shares five of the most incredible children with his amazing wife. He enjoys good conversation about anything, reading sci-fi novels, playing video games, and picking intellectual fights with believers.