Ye Olde Viral

According to the brainiacs at Merriam-Webster, someone first used the term viral in 1937, referring to those annoying little germs that spread quickly and turned ordinary human beings into vomiting diarrhea factories.  In this digital age we live in, the word viral has been defined by the same Merriam-Webster brainiacs as “quickly and widely spread or popularized especially by person-to-person electronic communication.”  In keeping with the spirit of this definition for viral, the New Inklings will finish each week with a segment we’ve called Ye Olde Viral.

Each Friday one of us will post something that tickled our fancy.  It may be a video we found on YouTube.  It may be a book review.  It may simply be us making fun of ourselves.  Whatever it is, our hope is to get you to think, even if only for a nanosecond (which is, on a typical Friday, all the thinking that most of our brains can handle).

So end your week with the New Inklings and Ye Olde Viral.  As the New Inklings like to say, “Better to be infected by Ye Olde Viral than with Ye Olde Influenza.”

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